What You Can Expect From Us This Year

Written by: Center for Body Trust

We have a lot to share with you! 2022 was an exciting year for us. We released our book Reclaiming Body Trust:  A Path to Healing and Liberation. Many of you have bought it, shared it and loved it – thank you! We changed our name from Be Nourished to the Center for Body Trust, after much deliberation (we are loving it btw). In June, we reopened our Body Trust Certification program with co-facilitator Sirius Bonner and we are enjoying learning and unlearning with our 2022 online cohort. We have news about our 2023 cohort to share in this newsletter, so keep reading! In the Fall, we were also able to return to live workshops – our first retreat back at Kripalu. Being in the room with folks was so, so good. We look forward to more of that soon. Let us tell you what’s coming…

We are beginning this year with a special event Beyond Resolutions: A call to divest from diet culture and reclaim our bodies, a panel discussion with authors Dalia Kinsey, Kerri Kelly, Dana, and Hilary that will be facilitated by Sirius Bonner. We hope you will grab a spot and join us for a conversation about what we can do to shift our focus and practices to divestment – from systems, industries, and practices that uphold body hierarchies and make money off of body shame. Grab a friend and join us.

Groundwork is coming SOOOOOON. Our Groundwork program is a self-paced training consisting of 14+ online learning modules that will help you develop a different way of thinking about food, weight, health, bodies and healing. Groundwork is not designed for people seeking a healing process, as much as it is for people who want to know more about this approach from the framing. It’s head-y, full of information, and ideas to listen to and learn about.

Groundwork was designed for those who are in the eating disorder field or who want access to all the nerdy info that makes up Body Trust. It is ideal for you if you want Body Trust Training without getting fully certified — OR if you know you want to register for certification the next time enrollment for the year long program opens and would like to get a head start on the self-paced required curriculum. 72 CEUs are available from NASW for this program! CEU’s from CDR are currently pending. Curious to know more? Read about it here and get on our waitlist! You will be the first to know when it is released.

The 2023 cohort for our Certification Training will begin in April! Look for registration to open in March. And get on the waitlist to be the first to know when it does. Space will be limited.

The next round of our six-week e-course No More Weighting will begin in February and will be a BIPOC affinity group facilitated by Angela Braxton-Johnson. More info to come, as well as a schedule for future No More Weighting courses.

We are thinking and planning ways to be together – both online and in person to support your work with the Body Trust paradigm and practicing body freedom over performance.

We are here with you. Thank you for being here with us.



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