I’m glad

I’m glad

Get to know Dana Sturtevant, co-founder of Center for Body Trust.

Dana Sturtevant, co-founder of Center for Body Trust, photographed smiling.

Less fixing;
more listening.

For more than 15 years, I have helped people let go of chronic patterns of dieting and disordered eating and move ​​into a more authentic, sustainable way to occupy and nurture their bodies.

As a nutrition therapist, educator, speaker, writer, and activist, I advocate for food and body sovereignty.

I have traveled around the country for over 20 years training thousands of helping professionals in a guiding style of communication and counseling called motivational interviewing.

I BELIEVE human beings have a knack for making food and eating harder than they need to be. Things can be different, but only if we try different, not harder.

“When we dumb food down and reduce it to the sum of its nutritional components, we miss out on the connections between food and culture and the layers of nourishment food and eating offers.”

A few facts about me

This is who I am and what I believe

I am a highly sensitive person.

I am passionate about music and love to dance like nobody’s watching.

In my work, I focus on healing your relationship with food and eating, not perfecting it.

I believe what gets spouted off as nutrition advice is often more personal philosophy than solid science.

I trust our bodies to sort out weight and aim to counter the oppressive ways society has ruptured your relationship with food and movement.

My story

I have deep roots in the American Midwest and grew up solidly middle class in exurban Chicago.

When I was sixteen, my family moved to Miami, Florida, and a whole new world opened in terms of culture and diversity.

I have Norwegian and German heritage, am currently a size 16/18, and my own body story includes weight teasing by high school friends, chronic pain, an autoimmune condition, and a four-year struggle with infertility.

Dana Sturtevant bio
Dana Sturtevant awakening

My awakening.

After 10 years of working as a dietician, I grew skeptical of the advice I gave clients and feared I was causing more harm than good.

In my search for a more ethical approach to my work, I discovered a community of helping professionals who offered radical views on food, weight, and health.

This new, redeeming insight inspired me to start a private practice built around Body Trust®.

And this is where I met Hilary.

Learn to trust your body

Our book, Reclaiming Body Trust: Break Free from a Culture of Body Perfection, Disordered Eating & Other Traumas, introduces you to other powerful body stories and helps guide you towards your own liberation.

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