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By the time we get to clinical training or our work, we’ve already been socialized and indoctrinated into the dominant weight paradigm. We stop questioning what we’ve been trained to believe about bodies, food, weight and health. 

Our Groundwork training program will help you unpack your conditioning and your education, and begin to see the through line between social justice and the work of healing.

Groundwork program

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the groundwork

Our Groundwork program is a self-paced training consisting of 14 online learning modules that will help you develop a different way of thinking about food, weight, health, bodies and healing.

Groundwork is not designed for people seeking a healing process, as much as it is for people who want to know more about this approach from the framing. It’s head-y, full of information, and ideas to listen to and learn about.

Groundwork was designed for those who are in the field or who want access to all the nerdy info that makes up Body Trust. It is ideal for you if you want Body Trust training without getting fully certified — OR if you know you want to join certification the next time enrollment opens and would like to get a head start on the required curriculum.

“Center for Body Trust has changed my life through their work. I appreciate the focus on whole-person healing, the acknowledgment of the realities we are faced with, and the holistic integration of nutrition and therapy — all taught with compassion. I personally move throughout this world with more confidence and hope because Body Trust exists.”

Jes Baker
Author, Coach, Speaker

What to expect

Learn online at your own pace

Develop a different way of thinking about food, weight, health, bodies and healing

Access the language to help change culture

Gain a deeper understanding of your own body story and a stronger analysis on what disrupts body trust

Explore the theoretical underpinnings of our Body Trust Framework

Feel more confident in your ability to speak to and advocate for an alternative to the status quo

Access supportive resources

Groundwork Topics and
Themes We Will Explore

Exploring Your Body Story

The Foundations of Body Trust

Anti-Fatness & Health Equity

Coping & Surviving in Diet Culture

Theoretical Underpinnings

Body Trust & The Trans Experience

But What About Health?

Deepening Your Roots into Body Trust

Reckoning with Your Eating

Reclaiming Movement

Body Trust Advocacy for Children & Adults

Communication & Conversation Strategies