Explore Your
Body Story

What do you wish the world understood about your body?

We all have a story

Your body has been with you for your entire life through every lived experience—good and bad.

Every breath you’ve taken.

Every beat of your heart.

It has survived scrutiny and shame, and has been impacted by the oppressive ideas that have been fed to you.

Over time, it has changed with your relationships, your loves, your fears, and your struggles.

In a culture that promotes a narrowly defined standard of acceptance, it has survived.

What’s your body story?

“I am not the story you made of me.
You are not the story they made of you.
We are not the story they made of us.
Take the stories back.

– Lidia Yuknavitch,
The Misfit’s Manifesto

Your story deserves to be told
—and heard

There is power in speaking your truth

We believe there is healing in gifting your story to yourself, and to those who are sorting through their own.

Especially when those stories are shared with people who may feel unseen, unheard, and isolated in a world of homogenous stories.


We want to learn your story

Share the story you want to tell through words, images, and other forms of expression.

If you want some prompts for inspiration, we’ll send them right to your email.

Want to share your story with us?

We would love to hear it. Submit your story here.

You can choose to use your given name, a pseudonym, or remain anonymous.

A RETREAT to support your liberation

Create time and space to be with yourself, explore your own body story, and find comfort in community.

Dig into the roots of your coping, and hear stories from others to expand your understanding of your own narrative.

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