A Radical Approach to Healing

This is who we are.

Our Story

Before we envisioned the Center for Body Trust, we worked independently as a therapist and dietitian.

Recognizing unethical practices

As professionals in the fields of nutrition and mental health, we found most of the recommendations made to clients regarding weight were not only unsustainable but often resulted in harm to their well-being and sense of self.

We were both disillusioned with the status quo approach to food, body, weight and health, which has been harmful for too long.

Championing a paradigm shift

In 2005, we joined forces to re-envision what it meant to occupy and care for your body—and the Center for Body Trust was born.

Today, we work to examine the toxic structure in which our construct of health lies, and discover what is possible when people are trusted with their bodies.

How we reclaim Body Trust

The Narrative Arc of this Healing Work

The Rupture

Explore your body story and recognize your coping as a survival strategy rooted in wisdom.

The Reckoning

Come to terms with the ways your relationship with your body has been disrupted by harmful cultural beliefs and practices.

The Reclamation

Reclaim your body, your voice, your story, and your own damn self.

Your guide through the Rupture, Reckoning, and Reclamation

This book is an invitation to return to a relationship with your body and yourself that you want to be in for your lifetime—flexible, compassionate, and connected.

Image of new Paperback Book Cover that reads: Reclaiming Body Trust, Break Free from a Culture of Body Perfection, Disordered Eating, & Other Traumas
Dana Sturtevant, co-founder of Center for Body Trust, photographed smiling.

Meet Dana

The radical dietitian

Dana is a registered dietitian, Motivational Interviewing trainer, writer, and educator.

“Eating is not—and should never be—just about survival. For human beings, food is flavored with complex meaning.”

Meet Hilary

The radical therapist

Hilary is a licensed counselor, coach, experienced trainer and educator.

“When we recognize that the ways we have coped and survived are rooted in wisdom, we can embark upon restory-ing what we call the problem in our own body and our communities.”

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Trust Your Body—

A Conversation with Dear Sugar hosts Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond

Listen to learn what Body Trust® is and how you can embrace it.


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