Programs for Reclaiming
Body Trust®

Programs for Reclaiming
Body Trust®

Breaking free from the status quo is hard. These programs will guide you toward freedom.

For Individuals
seeking freedom

Your healing starts here.

Reclaiming Body Trust Retreat

Discover a more authentic, sustainable way to occupy and nurture your body.

Exploring Your Body Story Retreat

A three-day online journey with resources and a community to support you.

The Body Trust Project: A School for Unlearning

Strengthen your liberatory analysis—dive deeper into the work of unlearning.

No More Weighting: The Body Trust eCourse

Reclaim the body trust that is your birthright.

FOR professionals

We have a responsibility to unearth weight bias and challenge the status quo in our work.

Body Trust Professional Training

Connect the dots between social justice and the work of healing.

Motivational Interviewing Training

Practice communication and counseling strategies that lead to positive change.


Learn to use narrative approaches for helping people reclaim Body Trust.


Explore anti-fat bias and create a more inclusive space for all bodies.


Reconnect to your power to influence change.

Together we can address anti-fat bias in our systems and institutions.

Deepen Your Roots into Body Trust

This book is an invitation to return to a relationship with your body and yourself that you want to be in for your lifetime—flexible, compassionate, and connected.