The Body Trust® Project:
A School for Unlearning

The Body Trust® Project:
A School for Unlearning

Healing is a continual unraveling

Your body is not a project or a problem to be solved.

But unlearning the lies we have been taught about bodies?
That is a bit of a project.

It takes persistence, ongoing support, and practice—
which leads to the radical reclamation of what was always meant to be yours.

This is where unlearning begins.

The Body Trust Project is a nine-month online experience in unlearning the social constructs of health, size, beauty, race, gender, age, and ability that have impacted how whole you feel and how much of you is known, seen, held, and supported.

What to expect

One 90-minute webinar once a month hosted by Hilary & Dana.

Webinar recordings so you can listen anytime—or over and over again for up to one year.

Two Saturday Zoom meetups with affinity breakout groups led by Body Trust Providers.

A School Homecoming Dance because Body Trust is a homecoming and Dana loves to dance.

Workbooks and curated lists of resources to peruse at your leisure to support your unlearning.

Suggestions for practicing and embodying the material in real life.

Email love notes to remind you of the topic we are unraveling—and your desire for truth, healing, and reclamation.

Direct guidance from Hilary & Dana, who have been immersed in this work for the last 16+ years and know how to support you and how to cut through the B.S.


Pricing – $699

For those who have sufficient resources and can cover themselves

PLUS – $799

For those who have enough resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need

Pricing – $399

For people with marginalized identities and those in need; limited to 25% of registrants

We believe people should not be turned away for lack of funds, so if none of the prices in our three-tiered pricing structure work for you, you may request additional equity pricing when registration reopens. Learn more about our pricing structure here.

A note about

Automated closed captions are available during live meetings.

Sign language interpreters are available upon request.

Transcripts and closed captions will be provided for program video recordings.

Please reach out to us with any additional accessibility needs or questions.

“This is the most amazing course and the hardest…. I’m on the path, it will take a long time, but I feel like I am just beginning to come home.”

~Body Trust student

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“I was surprised by how much of an impact this program had on me. It truly made me reevaluate my thinking and beliefs.”

~Body Trust student

What’s on the other side?

When you cross the bridge from diet culture to Body Trust, you can expect

A relationship with yourself that you can stand to be in for a lifetime.

More joy, freedom, ease, and satisfaction.

Increased connection to your truth and your own knowing.

Resilience to navigate bad (body) days.

Foundational practices to return to again and again (that don’t require you to abandon yourself).

The experience of feeling more at home in your body.

Time and energy for more meaningful passions.

Body Trust is a radically different way to occupy and care for your body.

It is a pathway to reclaim your body and is completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, body image, weight, and health in our culture.

Monthly topics

we’ll explore

Entering the Wilderness

The Praxis of Liberation

Reckoning with Your Eating

Ending the Hustle

Boundaries Don’t Have to Suck

What Does Grief Have to Do With It?

Pleasure as a Measure of Freedom

Reclaiming Movement

Making Your Healing Bigger Than You

Guest speakers

Desiree Adaway: Liberatory Praxis

McKensie Mack: Boundary Work™

Dawn Serra: The Power in Pleasure

Angela Braxton-Johnson: Reclaiming Movement

“Hilary and Dana are experts at demonstrating kindness and compassion while calling out social injustice and body oppression. The School is a place to find unconditional support, deep discussions, and a community committed to inclusivity, honesty, and healing.”


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