Freeing the

Freeing the
Body Narrative

Use narrative approaches to help people reclaim Body Trust

November 2-3 in Portland, OR*
9:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Our expertise is not the medicine that is needed. Our attention to lived experience, story, bodies, and inherent wisdom needs honing.

Do you know your body story?

What have you done, believed, and performed to help your body survive in the world?

Body stories are missing.
Body stories are essential.
Body stories need reclamation.

Learn a process designed for clinicians, educators, teachers, and guides that allows people to reclaim narratives that may otherwise be lost to diet culture, assimilatory ideas, the dominant gaze, and fear.

9am to 3:45pm
Portland, OR*

CDR & NASW CEUs available

Freeing the Body Narrative is a two-day, in person workshop that introduces a counter-cultural healing paradigm that places lived experience and story at the center. This is a trauma- and justice-informed approach to healing body shame and distrust.

You will learn