The Reclaiming Body Trust Book Club

The Reclaiming Body Trust Book Club


Join Hilary & Dana for an online Book Club with FOUR live webinars, FIVE recordings and workbooks, and a group of people who support your liberation.

This is where you’ll deepen your roots into body trust.

Tuesdays, 5:30 to 7 p.m. PDT
April 23, May 7 & 21, June 4

Image of new Paperback Book Cover that reads: Reclaiming Body Trust, Break Free from a Culture of Body Perfection, Disordered Eating, & Other Traumas

Reclaiming Body Trust is a book and a portal. Body Trust reimagines what it means to live in your body for a lifetime. Body Trust envisions a world where reclamation of your own self from the gaze of dominant culture is a step on the path to collective body liberation.

Reclaiming Body Trust is a practice of regarding our body stories as wisdom and technology for creating a world where the truth that lives in bodies is revered and where the industries and institutions who teach us lies about food, weight, health and size are no longer profiting from our suffering.

We have been fed so much bullshit about our bodies, their value and worth. It’s time to create other options. It is time to divest.

Hilary and Dana have created this Book Club to accompany your exploration of Body Trust. This offering will support you through your reading and digestion of our book Reclaiming Body Trust AND will help you consider how to incorporate these ideas into your life.

What you can expect 

FOUR LIVE (and recorded) webinars with Hilary and Dana every other week, which will share and expand upon book content and the practice of Body Trust.

FIVE recorded videos in an easy 20-30 minutes format. Each video will move through the framework and process of reclaiming body trust.

Workbooks to accompany each video to help you personalize your experience.

Option add-on: For the first time in many years, you will have the option to purchase one to three coaching sessions with Hilary or Dana. This offer is exclusive for book club members.

Why explore the book with us

You will know that you are not alone. You aren’t making anything up. And that what has happened HAS NOT BEEN YOUR FAULT.

Through guided inquiry in the accompanying workbooks, you will deepen your understanding of the material, your unique body story, and your healing process.

You will have time with Hilary and Dana, who have each helped people heal their relationship with food and body for over 20 years. The webinars will be information rich with opportunities for Q&A. This will help personalize your experience.

You will have unlimited access to five videos that walk you through the stages of change in Body Trust work. You can return to these as needed.

How can I get started

1. Grab your spot!

2. Order or get a library copy of Reclaiming Body Trust. The paperback was released in February.

3. Block time in your calendar to attend (or listen) to the webinars, watch the videos, and reflect on your body story and healing process with the workbooks!

4. Trust that something hepful will come from this investment of time and resources. We can’t wait to get started.


The Foundations of Body Trust

The Rupture

The Reckoning

The Reclamation



For people with marginalized identities and those in need; limited to 25% of registrants



For those who have sufficient resources and can cover themselves



For those who have enough resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need

We believe people should not be turned away for lack of funds. If none of the prices in our three-tiered pricing structure work for you, you may request additional equity pricing. Learn more about our pricing structure here.


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