Get to know Hilary Kinavey, co-founder of Center for Body Trust.

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I’m a straight shooter with a big heart

For more than 20 years, I have worked with people to reckon with the vicious cycles of disordered eating and dieting, body shame and weight bias, and the fragmentation, oppression and trauma that often sits at the center.

As a licensed professional counselor, facilitator, educator, and coach, I see that we have been separated from our embodied knowing of our value and wholeness.

And yet, to survive in this health and weight-obsessed world, we must tuck away parts of ourselves.

I BELIEVE we, as helpers, healers, and healthcare providers, hold the power to shift the toxic weight and health paradigms that have limited human lives.

“When we recognize that the ways we have coped and survived are rooted in wisdom, we can embark upon restory-ing what we call the problem in our own body and our communities.”

A few facts about me

This is who I am and what I believe

My cookbook collection and clothing obsession are both huge.

I’m a mom to two kiddos, a therapy dog in training, and some beautiful cats.

I’m not one for small talk: I value real and straightforward discussion.

This work has been a big part of my own healing path.

I am a multi-faceted person who has their human heart in their work. 

My story

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by lots of loud and loyal Irish and Italian American family.

I have lived with the impact of intergenerational mental health and addiction, which has inlfuenced my career path.

I’ve lived in a small to mid-fat body throughout my life, and live with chronic health conditions.

I came to this paradigm through my own ruptured relationship with my body, which began with early dieting.

Hilary Kinavey 2
Hilary Kinavey 3

My awakening.

This fork of my career path came when, at the request of people I served, I began groups for people who had recently had weight loss surgery.

I learned from participants about their true body stories, countering the ones told through mainstream stories and therapeutic training.

The lifelong nature of the appearance and gender-based abuses they experienced and the complicity of previous mental and health care providers inspired me to do something.

Having teamed up with Dana, these continue to be some of the common themes that permeate our practice more than 20 years later.

Learn to trust your body

Our book, Reclaiming Body Trust: Break Free from a Culture of Body Perfection, Disordered Eating & Other Traumas, introduces you to other powerful body stories and helps guide you towards your own liberation.

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