Written by: Center for Body Trust

You have a reunion coming up. There is a friend’s wedding in the near future. Your family’s beach vacation is around the corner. Your intention is to “lose a few.” Time passes. You go to visit your family. They say “You look great.” Relief. Worse: They don’t say anything. Shame… you should have worked harder on this.

How many times have your plans for weight loss taken priority over your plans for
your life?

We “weight.” We have learned to associate the upcoming events, celebrations and vacations with a need to improve our bodies. We expect (maybe because of past experiences) that acceptance from others is conditional, and that our bodies mean something about who we are.

“Weighting” shifts our attention away from our highest goals. The gym trumps our social life. Weight loss becomes the first necessary step to a better life. The dieting cycle puts our creative ventures on hold. It feels like focusing on weight loss is the right thing to do, and everything else is secondary. How many times have your plans for weight loss taken priority over your plans for your life?

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