Exploring Your
Body Story Workshop

Exploring Your Body Story WORKSHOP

We need to claim our stories.

We need to hear untold stories.

Join us in-person!

Saturday, September 7th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Breathe Building in Portland, Oregon

What to expect

Meet with Hilary and Dana in-person for 4 hours in Portland, Oregon

Explore our Body Trust Framework in community

Discover creative ways to explore your body story

Get an opportunity to share your body story and witness others in a small group

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What is a Body Story?

It’s the story of your body as you experience it.

It is the story about what it means to live in your body.

Your body has been with you through everything. Every breath you’ve taken…every beat of your heart. It has survived your scrutiny, your shame.

It has been impacted by the oppressive ideas that have been fed to you. It has changed with your relationships, your loves, your fears, and your struggle.

It has survived living in a culture that encourages many to act violently upon their bodies in order to try to fit into a narrowly defined standard of acceptance.

It has underscored your very perception of what it means to be you…and to be alive.

And the real story is often made invisible, even to you, by the ideas and prescriptions that are upheld by a culture of domination.


Because your truth is powerful enough to change us and our world.

I am not the story you made me.
You are note the story they made of you.
We are not the story they made of us.
Take the stories back. Restory.” 

~Lidia Yuknavitch

Let’s dig deeper

Explore the roots of your coping

This workshop is an invitation to delve beyond the action plan for your body and into the roots of your coping.

To hear stories that expand your understanding of your own narrative.

To work towards building trust where there has been mostly blaming and a well of deficiency.

COVID PRECAUTIONS & INFO: The health and well-being of our community is a priority. We will have protocols in place for those who wish to adhere to social distancing. Here are some additional safety precautions at our gathering space:

  • We disinfect tables and touchpoints in our shared spaces.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available.
  • The studio is outfitted with a powerful HVAC system that circulates air from outdoors.
  • There are windows and a patio door that can be opened for additional air circulation.
  • Mask Policy: We believe masks create more options for access and participation, so will be strongly encouraged outside of eating and drinking. Disposable masks will be provided.

Also, please be considerate and stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of any kind (if in doubt, please wear a mask). Thank you for respecting everyone’s boundaries around this issue.


Please click on the pricing option below that best meets your needs.

SPace is limited. Grab your spot soon!


For people with marginalized identities and those in need; limited to 25% of registrants



For those who have sufficient resources and can cover themselves



For those who have enough resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need

We believe people should not be turned away for lack of funds. If none of the prices in our three-tiered pricing structure work for you, you may request additional equity pricing. Learn more about our pricing structure here.

None of us are

All of our stories
have value.

Reclaim your story.

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