Making Your Healing Bigger Than You

Written by: Center for Body Trust

Making Your Healing Bigger Than You

Reclaiming Body Trust book

Hello to all of you who have found us through our book and hello to those who have been with us for a while. We have been watching Reclaiming Body Trust: A Path to Healing and Liberation move through the world. We read your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and love hearing what you think about the book. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your sharing of this book across socials with your communities.

All the ways you share about body liberation help. Your voices help. Your body stories help. Your process and your influence are needed.

As Nicola Haggett, a Body Trust provider writes, “Body Trust is both a personal journey and a political one – we can’t unlearn body shame without exploring the cultural narratives that have contributed to and benefited from our shame.” Moving beyond body shame is a political act that can influence more than your one “wild and precious life”.

A participant in one of our programs said it this way, “I try to imagine the world I want to live in and I do what I can to live in that world as if it’s already here. This happens in little moments and choices, like wearing or eating this or that, but those moments and choices feel big”.

One way we dismantle structures is to divest personally from them. We have the power to collapse systems if we include ourselves in the process. This process is about healing and reclaiming body trust. It is also about changing the world, living from inclusion, and being audacious about belonging. One of the foundations of Body Trust is to locate yourself. Who are you in this? We know you believe in body trust for your mom, your kids, the neighbors, your friends, the Noom and WW coaches, the guy selling weight loss who won’t deal with his history of disordered eating, your favorite influencers, and on and on. And who else? Who needs it more than you? How can your presence in this movement be about creating conditions for communion? 

We need each other in this work. Isolation is hard, and does not feed a movement.

If you are interested in supporting the movement of our book through the world we offer a gentle reminder: Your reviews really help! If you have a moment to leave one, we are deeply grateful. This webpage offers other ideas for getting the word out. Talking about the book with others has been the primary way the book travels. Thank you for that!

We appreciate your presence in this community, with this process that is Body Trust.  


In Body Trust,


P.S. We just got word that the paperback will be out February 13, 2024!




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