Center for Body Trust Equity Pricing Structure

Written by: Center for Body Trust

The Center for Body Trust embodies values, policies and practices to create access to the resources we offer. Black, Indigenous and People of Color, trans and non-binary folks, queer people, super and inifinifat folks, and people with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by barriers to healthcare and wellness services due to systemic and institutionalized systems. We wish to address this impact by offering a three-tiered pricing structure: equity, standard and standard plus.

Clients who can pay the standard and standard plus price for our services create the capacity for marginalized people and those in need to access support and everyone’s needs are met. We have low and no cost spots set aside for people who need to request additional equity pricing and we discuss this in more detail on each individual program’s webpage. Our aim is to make our work accessible to everyone who wants to join us, while also compensating our team, speakers and guest teachers with a sustainable wage for their brilliance, time and labor.

Our pricing structure considers accessibility and class analysis and encourages leveraging privilege to support others in our community. We ask that you choose the price that fits best based on the descriptions below. We will not question your decision and encourage you to pay according to your ability, to support access, and engage in collective community care.

  • Standard pricing: For those who benefit from class privilege and have sufficient resources to cover themselves.
  • Equity pricing: For people with marginalized identities and those in need.
  • Standard plus: For people who have resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need.

We believe people should not be turned away for lack of funds, so if none of the prices in our three-tiered pricing structure work for you, you may request additional equity pricing here.


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