What is Your Body Trust Elevator Speech?

Written by: Center for Body Trust

What is your Body Trust elevator speech?

Spring is in full bloom here in the PNW!

In the interviews we’ve been doing to promote our book, we are usually first asked to define Body Trust. This can be hard to do succinctly. We wonder how you would describe body trust? Here’s what we’ve been saying:

Body Trust is a Birthright. We are not born into this world fretting about the size of our bellies, butts, and thighs. Being invested in upholding body hierarchies is learned, so it can be unlearned. In fact, there’s a lot more to unlearn than there is to learn on the path to Body Trust.

Body Trust is a radically different way of relating to, occupying, and caring for your body in a culture that doesn’t trust bodies. It is completely counter to conventional “wisdom” about food, bodies, weight, and health.

Body Trust is developing an analysis of what’s come between you and being at home in your body. It is a homecoming.

Body Trust requires us to divest from diet culture, toxic fitness culture (a term coined by Ilya Parker), and social constructs of health and beauty.

Ultimately, Body Trust is a reclamation of self, body, voice, pleasure, food, movement and more.

We wonder what you would add or change? 

How do you describe Body Trust when people ask you about it?

Send us your thoughts to Hello@CenterForBodyTrust.com

We love hearing from you!


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