Let’s Talk About Higher-Body Weight Anorexia

Written by: Center for Body Trust

We want to turn your attention to a recent podcact with one of our Certified Body Trust Providers, Dr. Rachel Millner: The importance of recognizing Anorexia in people with larger bodies. If you work in healthcare, are interested in eating disorders, or are a weight-inclusive advocate, this podcast is a must listen.

Eating disorder symptoms are either missed or misdiagnosed in people in larger bodies. Using weight-based diagnostic criteria doesn’t do anyone any favors.

Here’s the most important point, as Tabitha Farrar writes in the podcast’s accompanying blog post, You do not have to be thin to be underweight. Significantly low body weight, as described in the DSM-5 criteria, does not have to mean thin.

Weight bias, anyone?

Energy deficit is consequential in people of every size. Dieting culture would tell us otherwise. We need all of our trained eyes on this.

We urge you to give this podcast your time and attention, and ask you to share it widely in the name of ethical, accurate and inclusive treatment.


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