Culture change begins from within


Body Trust Training for healthcare organizations 

Explore how anti-fat bias and weight stigma are at work within in your model of care, and get the tools you need to provide equitable and inclusive healthcare to people of size.

Organizations are Notoriously slow to change

But when lives are on the line, we don’t have time to wait

The need for leadership in healthcare organizations has never been more acute. We need organizations implementing weight-inclusive, trauma-informed, and social justice-oriented care now.

While this need is obvious and pervasive, the solution has not been quite so straightforward — until now.

Center for Body Trust offers trainings for organizations that are ready to lead with inclusive models of care.

YouR TEAM will learn to:

Integrate practices that are informed by research and liberation-based healthcare

Understand anti-fat bias and weight stigma as treatment variables

Develop a critical analysis of the dominant weight paradigm

Create size-inclusive spaces


Hilary Kinavey 440x660

Hilary Kinavey

Hilary’s work as a therapist, educator, speaker, and writer has been a study of what interrupts our sense of wholeness and how we can return to ourselves in a culture that profits from fragmentation.

Dana Sturtevant 440x660

Dana Sturtevant

Dana is a registered dietitian, trainer and author whose work focuses on humanizing health care, advancing health equity, and advocating for food and body sovereignty.

Dana Sturtevant 440x660

Sirius Bonner

As an executive in healthcare where she leads equity and inclusion efforts, Sirius is a fierce advocate for health equity and social justice.


Body Trust is a strength-based, trauma-informed, scientifically grounded, and equity focused framework. Our trainings are greatly informed by the following:

  • Bobbie Harro’s Cycle of Socialization and Cycle of Liberation
  • Barbara Love’s Liberatory Consciousness
  • Desiree Adaway’s Praxis of Liberation
  • Niva Piran’s Developmental Theory of Embodiment (DTE)
  • Fat activism and weight inclusive models of care
  • As well as intuitive eating principles, shame resilience theory, motivational interviewing, self-compassion theory, feminist therapies, mindfulness-based approaches, and postmodern therapeutic thought.

Customized training for your team

Transform the people within your organization from the inside out by shifting the way they see ALL bodies.

Let us facilitate one of our professional trainings and introduce your team to a paradigm that trusts people’s bodies and believes lived experience.

In addition to our work with healthcare organizations, we also love to work with organizations that want to improve their services, curriculum, employee experiences, and workplace culture.

We are available to travel to your organization or place of business, as well as offer online trainings.

Organizations we have
worked with


Planned Parenthood

Cascade AIDS Project/Prism Health

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center of Portland

Metrowest Nutrition

Outside In

Looking for a way to get started right away? Send a group of people through our Groundwork program.


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