What is Body Trust? Part 2Body Trust is an invitation to bring a radically different healing paradigm into your life and into the world. Holding up a mirror to what you have been taught to believe about weight and health can be confronting. Diet programs and weight loss/fitness plans are super concrete with their list of do’s and don’ts, and Body Trust just isn’t like that. So when people start to explore Body Trust, many initially feel like they are flailing without the rigidity of another plan. On this very first day of 2022, we want to illustrate what Body Trust might look like in action. We hope this list helps you feel your way into something different this year.

Body Trust is…

  • Getting out of your head and back into your body.
  • Deepening your analysis of what has come between you and being at home in your body.
  • Rejecting restriction and deprivation as a lifestyle or path to health.
  • Developing a relationship with yourself and your body that you want to be in for a lifetime – flexible, compassionate and connected.
  • Letting go of rigidity and perfectionism. 
  • Grieving the illusion of control, the dream of being thin, the big reveal, the lost time/energy/money, the harm done, and more.
  • Turning towards your body, looking and listening with kindness and curiosity.
  • Stretching the outer edges of your body positivity until all bodies belong and are celebrated, including yours.
  • Divesting from social constructs of beauty.
  • Listening to your body and discerning the wisdom that comes from within.
  • Allowing pleasure and satisfaction to finally inform and teach you as much as what you know to be “good” or “healthy”.
  • Knowing that when you eat past full or don’t eat enough, your body’s hunger cues can help guide you.
  • Becoming attuned to your body’s subtle and not-so-subtle cues.
  • Acknowledging the incredible ways your body shows up for you every day.
  • Moving your body in ways that feel revitalizing and connect you to sensation, pleasure, and joy.
  • Rooting self care practices in weight-neutrality and trusting your body to sort out the weight.
  • Advocating for bodies with different access and privilege than your own.

Which of these statements stand out to you, right now, at this very moment?

Which ones do you feel drawn to further explore in the coming weeks ahead?

If you’d like a visual reminder, you can save or print this list out here.

May 2022 be the year more people join us in laying down the hustle for perfecting food and the body.

Envision your freedom. Divest from the chains holding you down.

Root into something more nourishing of your entire being.

We promise the risk will be worth it.

In solidarity & Body Trust,

Signatures of Hilary and Dana Be Nourished owners


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