Video Series: Phases of Moving Towards a Body Trust® Practice

Written by: Center for Body Trust

We recorded a video series for our beloved community to help you learn more about the Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust® Practice. Below is a note and link to Video #1.


In this video, Dana is talking about the phases people work through as they are developing a strong body trust practice. Early on, it’s not uncommon for people to feel like they are flailing. Weight loss plans and programs are so structured that people are used to have rules and guidelines to follow. Body Trust work feels so different. After all, this is not a quick fix! This is not about looking to outside experts to tell you what, when, and how much to eat. This is about listening to you. And we know how hard that is to do when body trust has been disrupted.


This video will help shed some light on what you can expect if you choose this healing path, and it may even challenge the story you tell yourself about why Body Trust® isn’t for “people like me”. We promise, this work is for EVERY BODY.


Before you watch this video, we recommend pulling up this document so you can follow along, and maybe even printing it out so you can take some notes. Regardless, grab a notebook and pen and find a quiet spot so you can take it all in.


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