Video Series: Rediscover, Embody & Allow for Pleasure

Written by: Center for Body Trust

We recorded a video series for our beloved community to help you learn more about the Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust® Practice. Below is a note and link to Video #5.

“What if it’s a measure of our freedom to reclaim pleasure?”
∼adrienne maree brown

One of the ways we reclaim body trust is by exploring our relationship with pleasure. Many people with a complicated relationship with food also have a disrupted relationship with desire. Reclaiming pleasure is an act of resistance in a culture that has made indulgence a “dirty word”. Pleasure takes up space and says I’m here. It is not a shrinking back, but rather an expansion and expression of ourselves. We believe that pleasure, in the absence of shame and guilt, heals.

In this video that’s part of a series we are creating for you on the Core Elements of a Body Trust® Practice, Dana talks more about pleasure, and why we specifically we chose the words rediscover, embody, and allow for pleasure.

We hope you find these videos helpful to your healing process.

If you missed the 1st four videos of this series, you can find them at the links below:

Blog/Video 1
Blog/Video 2
Blog/Video 3
Blog/Video 4


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