Video Series: Redefine What Healing Looks & Feels Like

Written by: Center for Body Trust

We recorded a video series for our beloved community to help you learn more about the Core Elements and Phases of a Body Trust® Practice. Below is a note and link to Video #4.


One of our core elements is “Redefine what healing looks and feels like”. In this video, Hilary talks about why this is important to us.


We believe that healing should be a concept rooted in trust, feeling and liberation rather than the cessation of symptoms and behaviors.


We also honor that symptoms and behaviors sometimes have our back. And are often what we lean into to survive in the dominant culture.


And we recognized that healing is not a destination or often a quantifiable experience, but a way of relationship with yourself, others and the world. It might be a deepening of roots so you hold yourself stronger and firmer, and it may also be a fluidity and flexibility with how you regard your humanity.


Bottom line: It’s yours to redefine and others to respect and support (and others include your healthcare professionals).


Audre Lorde said: “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive.”


Redefine with us. Maybe this feels bold? Maybe it disobeys some of your conditioning? Maybe it is also a path to more truth and freedom.


Our collective efforts to redefine this is an example what liberation can be like.


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