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Written by: Center for Body Trust

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“Results not typical” is a statement that accompanies dieting and lifestyle advertising for a reason—it’s the only thing that guarantees them truth in advertising. While many diets and “lifestyle” change plans might lead to some weight loss, it is rarely sustainable. More importantly, chronic dieting and disordered eating is a shameful, exhausting existence for many people. This, sadly, is typical.

Moving towards Body Trust® is truly choosing a radical path. We say it’s about healing instead of temporary, frustrating, soul-sucking solutions. The only way for things to be different next year is to move out of the dominant weight paradigm. Don’t fall for their bullshit. Don’t let another year go by wasting your money on another business ready to make money off of your shame.

You might be wondering…

What does an alternative to weight loss culture look like?

What does it mean to choose Body Trust?

How does it work? How might it change you?

We asked the people who’ve participated in our workshops, e-courses, trainings, and retreats to tell us what Body Trust means to them. Here’s what some of them had to say…

It means my brain becoming friends with my body again. It means trusting that my body knows how to take care of itself, it knows what it needs and to take care of myself holistically I need to listen to my body and not bully it into doing the things I believe I have to or “should” do.”

Jen Inaldo

To me, Body Trust means getting to have a constantly changing and unfolding relationship with myself around my body and food. It is getting to notice new things day after day, year after year; to peel back the layers of diet culture that still live in me and to come deeper into my own embodied truth on a regular basis.

And it’s getting to eat chocolate-peanut butter ice cream or steamed broccoli with goddess dressing whenever I want either (or often both) knowing that I can trust my body’s signals about what it wants and needs and my body can trust that I am going to listen to and respond to it most of the time.”                                                                 

Mikalina Kirkpatrick

Body Trust is about knowing that my body contains the wisdom of all the human generations that have come before me, and that it will guide me to make the decisions that best support me if only I take the time to listen.

It’s also about knowing that my body doesn’t need to change to be worthy, and reclaiming the positive relationship with it that is my birthright and was stolen from me by diet culture.”

– Meredith Noble

“Body Trust means Freedom…

Freedom to listen deeply to my inner wisdom, silencing the chaotic outside voices meant to control me.

Freedom to begin the journey back to self-love.

Freedom to be my entire spiritual self in my entirely human body.”

– Tillie Hasson

“To me, it is really listening to myself about what I need, what I want, and what I’m feeling. So often, I haven’t known (and sometimes still don’t know) what these things are. It’s about sitting with the not knowing until an answer bubbles up. It’s trusting that my body has the answers it needs, without interference from my socialization or from the culture around me, and I just need to be able to be able to hear myself. It’s also about honoring that voice, not squashing it down with “you shouldn’t…” or “you can’t…”.”

– Stephanie D.

Healing is possible.

With love,


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