Body stories are largely missing from the zeitgeist of our time. We are often reluctant to dive into our body stories because we believe they are too taboo to share or too boring to be of interest or value. 

In Reclaiming Body Trust, we shared body stories of those who have defied the standard narrative of body apology, instead demanding care and deep respect. These stories, once unearthed, encouraged others to share theirs, too. 

Here is Megan’s Story.

“Full Circle

Welcome to the Enchanted Body Trust Forest
It is cool and calm here, but also warm and welcoming
We are a Fat Friendly Space, like Cat Pausé’s Friend of Marilyn Podcast ♥
There are generations of Old Growth towering Body Trust Trees, whose roots run
deep and interconnect with each other 

There are seedlings and saplings here, whose Body Trust beginnings have just barely
taken root 

None of us are here by mistake, we all belong here
All of us have wounds-some visible, some invisible
Some of our wounds have healed over, but you can still see the scars where they once
were raw 

Scars are beautiful here. We see them, we tell them, we embrace them as sacred
In the Grove of the Enchanted Forest You will find
All of us interdependent, interwoven, networks of our roots always in contact with
each other 

The forest is alive-each of us a tree, connected by our roots
The seedlings grow into saplings as our roots deepen and our trunks and branches
expand toward the heavens 

The Old Growth, deep rooted ones shelter and shepherd the young ones, mentoring,
shielding, teaching, witnessing, supporting, loving, and cheering us as we grow 

The Enchanted Body Trust Forest is always evolving, with branches broken
sometimes, birds and other creatures finding homes among us 

There are storms and heatwaves, drought and fire 

But the forest continues to grow, deeper and taller, wider and stronger 

There is love here. And we learn sacred Trust for
ourselves and each other
we grow together
we transform together
we care for each other
we are connected to each other  


~Megan M.

What is the story of your body?

Collectively, we need to hear more body stories of others in order to feel less alone in our own. If you’re open to sharing your body story, we invite you explore our body story prompts and submit your own story here.

Your story has the power to change how we regard all bodies. Thank you for telling it.

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