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Weight loss strategies never get to the heart of the issue. We’ve talked with so many people over the years who have admitted that weight loss never brought them the feeling of wholeness, liberation, or self-love they were seeking.  

In order to get free, we need to heal from the harm done by weight bias and diet culture. We need to do things differently so we can know and trust ourselves again.

Body Trust® is about healing the harm. And externalizing the shame, frustration and anger.

Body Trust is an invitation to come back to yourself. To forgive yourself and your body. To move towards feeling real and connected again (or maybe for the first time).

The beauty of Body Trust work is that you are never “the only one”there are others who are also exploring this path. We asked the people who’ve participated in our workshops, e-courses, trainings and retreats to tell us what Body Trust has meant to them. Here’s what some of them had to say…

“Body Trust is fully living in my body and paying attention to it. It is every day fighting for my own and others right to be fully here, as we are. My dream, vision, and hope is for no one to have to fight anymore, including myself.“

-Jennifer DiGennaro

“Body Trust is a way in which I’ve been able to unlearn the oppressive patriarchal belief system rooted in weight stigma that has held me captive in a space of unworthiness. It’s a way I’ve healed the connection between my body, brain, heart, and belly. It’s remembering the innate wisdom that was overwritten before I had a choice in deciding what I wanted to believe in. It’s a radical, nurturing, healing path that has helped me get free, the more I practice Body Trust® the more freedom and space I am able to explore and take.”

     -Anna Louise Chapman


“To me body trust is like breathing fresh calmness air!!! It is making peace with the war against my nature and innate wisdom!

Body trust is a soothing balm for my body, mind and soul!!
It is finding and reclaiming something that was once taken away from me by the dieting culture! Now I know I have a choice apart from depriving and shrinking, I can expand, take space and let my true form take its place.
Body trust is trusting my body in working things out for me, it’s eating the same food as my kids and husband (no more special diet food for mom).

Body trust also dignifies my culture and origin as I no longer fear eating tacos, tamales, mole and all the delicious culinary legacy that Mexican food offers the world!!!”

       -Pilar Muguira

“My own experience of body trust is fluid and means different things on different days. Lately, body trust is accepting the knowledge that I *don’t ever* need to be faster, fitter, thinner, leaner, “healthier,” stronger. Life is happening right now and will pass me by if I am always in a constant hunt for betterment. Trusting that the way I am right now is right and all I need to be, ever ever ever.”

      –Meg Bradbury

“Body trust is the simplest form of truth, with us all along but taken away from us by the culture we swim in. It’s a revolutionary act to do the deep and freeing work to get back to body trust. It can be here one day and gone the next. But our bodies carry us through it all- moving us through this cruel and beautiful world with unwavering dedication. Who wouldn’t want to trust that?

To me, body trust is letting my body rest when it needs to. It’s nurturing my body when it is in pain, instead of ignoring it or getting angry at it. It’s being gentle with my body when it feels uncomfortable in clothes that don’t fit it well. It’s trying to choose clothes that make me feel empowered to do my revolutionary work, and that my body can move easily in. It’s nourishing this beautiful body regularly with foods that power it for the work ahead and that power a greater depth of happiness and awareness. That could be a new recipe that I take time to be present to prepare, pizza delivered right to my front door! Winter squash from my garden or my time at the farmers market or my friend in CA who grew it and the hard work of her revolution is present in my meal. Body trust, to me, is a whole new world of inspiration and freedom and it brings with it the richness of my past.”


Body Trust is a return to your body and your life.

It is a way to move forward when you know you can’t go back.

Are you ready to learn more?

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With love,


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