Body Trust Network

Body Trust Network

The wisest, most caring advocates, thinkers, helpers and process holders we know

About our
certified Body
Trust® Specialists

Meet a multidisciplinary group of professionals who have spent a minimum of 10 months training with us.

Sharing your process with people who support your liberation is an important part of reclaiming Body Trust.

If you do not find someone in your area, many of our providers offer support via video conference or phone.

A note about
our directory

The voices and experiences of Black, Indigenous and People of Color, gender variant folks, fat folks, and/or people with disabilities have been absent and minimized in the eating disorder, healthcare, and wellness-related professions.

Therefore, we are working hard to draw an increasingly diverse group of people to be part of our Body Trust Provider Community.

To include providers who are often excluded or unable to participate in trainings such as ours, we offer equity-pricing and additionally have 10 low or no cost spots in every cohort.

Read more about our professional training program here.

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U.S. Based Providers

Non U.S. Based Providers


Erin Hipple

Clinical Supervisor

I aim to support, collaborate, and co-conspire with others on their/your/our journey toward body liberation. I’m glad you’re here.”

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Pronouns: they/them



Video and phone sessions available.

Rachel Millner,

IAEDP Approved Supervisor

Providing fat positive, weight inclusive, trauma informed relational therapy to support healing and liberation.”

Location: Newton & Doylestown, PA

Pronouns: she/her


Phone: (215) 932-9885


Sarah Herstich,


I’m a trauma informed therapist passionate about helping people heal their relationship with mind, body and food.”

Location: Horsham, PA

Pronouns: she/her


Phone: (267) 225-1715


FB: @SarahHerstichLCSW

IG: @SarahHerstichLCSW

Video and phone sessionas available.

Can’t find someone in your area?

Many of our providers offer support via video conference or phone.

Contact us for assistance.

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