Body Trust®

Body Trust® Professional Training

Weight-inclusive care should be the norm.

A training designed for professionals to help develop the language, analysis and skills for deeper conversations around bodies, food, weight, and health—both individually and institutionally.

We will do better.

Body Trust Certification

About our Body Trust
Professional Trainings

The world doesn’t need more weight-loss coaches, therapists recommending WW or Noom, teachers and school curriculums colluding with diet culture, organizations upholding anti-fat bias, or fatphobia in eating disorder treatment centers.

The world needs you.

Your brave voice. Your radical presence. Your bold advocacy.

Through our TWO unique training paths, prepare for shifting paradigms around weight and health, and access the tools necessary for evolving your work.

Complete BOTH paths and identify yourself as a “Body Trust Provider” or “Body Trust Trained.”

Then join our Registry of Body Trust Specialists so people seeking compassionate, weight-inclusive models of care can find you.

Almost everything I have learned about body freedom and body trust – radically accepting my body – I learned from Dana and Hilary.

As a fat black woman society has always told me I am too much, and less than, at the same time.

Body Trust and the folks at Center for Body Trust helped to teach that my body, and being just as I am, is powerful, needed and necessary.”

– Desiree Adaway,
The Adaway Group

A note about

Automated closed captions are available during live meetings.

Sign language interpreters are available upon request.

Transcripts and closed captions will be provided for program video recordings.

Please reach out to us with any additional accessibility needs or questions.

Certification Program

For providers who want more
for their clients and communities

Experience one live webinar every month with guest teachers, panels, and roundtable discussions.

Monthly webinars will be co-facilitated by Sirius Bonner, Hilary Kinavey, and Dana Sturtevant.

Quarterly BIPOC affinity group with Sirius Bonner and Body Trust Provider Rachael Ringwood.

Groundwork course modules are a required component of this certification.

Why do we call it “certification?” Read our response here.

Sirius Bonner 440x660

As an executive in healthcare where she leads equity and inclusion efforts, Sirius Bonner is a fierce advocate for health equity and social justice.

Her knowledge and expertise mixed with her lived experience make her an ideal partner on this journey.

We are honored to have spent the last couple of years revisioning our Body Trust Professional Training Program with Sirius.


This training is offered once per year

Pricing – $4000

For those who have sufficient resources and can cover themselves

PLUS – $4500

For those who have enough resources to cover themselves and donate to increase access for marginalized folks and those in need

Pricing – $2500

For people with marginalized identities and those in need; limited to 25% of registrants

We believe people should not be turned away for lack of funds, so if none of the prices in our three-tiered pricing structure work for you, you may request additional equity pricing when registration reopens. Learn more about our pricing structure here.

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What to expect

Learn to translate theory into praxis

Strengthen your liberatory consciousness
Practice activities for skill-building using breakout rooms.

Explore a deeper analysis of what disrupts embodiment and body trust

Get clinical relational training and develop interpersonal skills

Join a large community of practitioners to feel less alone and lean on for support

Gain exposure to thought leaders and liberatory thinkers/teachers/scholars

Get plenty of opportunities for Q&A

Receive exclusive bonus content

Certification Topics and Themes
We Will Explore

Body Sovereignty

Navigating Health Care Like a Boss

Counteracting the Dominant Weight Paradigm

Body Trust & Trans Experience

Eating Disorder Treatment

Reclaiming Movement

Helping Without Harming
And more!

Have additional questions? Read our FAQ

With Special Guests

Desiree Adaway, Shilo George, Sand Chang

And more!

“Be Nourished has changed my life through their work. I appreciate the focus on whole-person healing, the acknowledgment of the realities we are faced with, and the holistic integration of nutrition and therapy — all taught with compassion. I personally move throughout this world with more confidence and hope because Be Nourished exists.”

Jes Baker
Author, Coach, Speaker


Coming this Fall!

For folks in search of radical change

Standard cost: $1000

Equity cost: $600

Standard plus: $1200

What to expect

Learn online at your own pace

Develop a different way of thinking about food, weight, health, bodies and healing

Access the language to help change culture

Gain a deeper understanding of your own body story and a stronger analysis on what’s disrupted your body trust

Explore the theoretical underpinnings of our Body Trust Framework

Feel more confident in your ability to speak to and advocate for an alternative to the status quo

Access supportive resources

Groundwork Topics and
Themes We Will Explore

Exploring Your Body Story

Anti-Fatness and Health Equity

The Foundations of Body Trust

Theoretical Underpinnings

Body Trust for Trans and Nonbinary People

But What About Health?

Deepening Your Roots into Body Trust

Reckoning with Your Eating

Reclaiming Movement

Preserving Body Trust in Future Generations

Communication and Conversation strategies

Plus…expect exclusive surprise bonuses

We believe in the possibility of a body-compassionate and weight-inclusive world.

We know you do too.

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