Body Trust:
A Path to Healing and Liberation

Reject a culture that has profited from trauma, stigma, and disembodiment, and fully reclaim and embrace your body

Reclaiming Body Trust is a breath of fresh air, an inclusive, self-aware, comprehensive guide out of the endless cycle of shame and body blame. Whether you are new to liberatory work or deep into unraveling your relationship with bigotry and all varieties body terrorism, this book will support you on your healing journey.

Dalia Kinsey, RD, LD

Reclaiming body trust is
both personal and political

We struggle to recognize the role discrimination, stigma and oppression play in our overall well-being.

We fail to see how our conversations about well-being bypass the social determinants of health.

We over-rely on personal responsibility and bootstrapping rhetoric.

We reinforce a hierarchy of bodies that is upheld across systems and institutions.

This book explores where and why that coping began, how it evolved, and how we get free.

Where to get your copy

“Your body is waiting to live its fullest life with you no matter the make or model.”

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