is a social
justice issue

is a social
justice issue

And Body Trust® is your birthright.

We’ve been duped

As a society, we’ve been socialized and indoctrinated to believe the body must be tightly controlled.

That thin = healthy.

That one meal or day of eating has the power to heal or kill us and all we have to do is get this calories in / calories out equation right.

This is an oppressive, inauthentic, and unsustainable way to occupy and care for a body.

weight is a social justice issue

And It’s killing us

Hypervigilance about food, fitness, weight, and health is harming people in significant and profound ways.

Nobody wins when we see a healthy body only as a thin one.

We cannot heal our relationship with food and body while trying to control the size and shape of our body.

We can heal when we shift our focus to Body Trust.  

We need you

We believe anti-fat bias, body oppression and societal inequities make caring for our bodies difficult. 

We know it is possible to have a better relationship with food and our bodies if we divest from diet culture and return to the Body Trust that is the birthright of each of us. 

We believe you feel the same way because we see your leadership in this area every day. Thank you for agreeing ot amplify this work and meet the urgent need to have a new conversation with people about food, their bodies, their health and well-being. 

We need more people like you who are willing to say “I will no longer participate in this form of oppression.” 

Would you be willing to help us share Reclaiming Body Trust as a tool for those in your community who are ditching toxic diet culture?

THREE ways you can help

  1. Read the book or download the summary
  2. Share the book on social media using the resources below and #reclaimingbodytrust
  3. Invite us to go live on your Instagram to talk about the book