is a social
justice issue

is a social
justice issue

And Body Trust® is your birthright.

We’ve been duped

As a society, we’ve been socialized and indoctrinated to believe the body must be tightly controlled.

That thin = healthy.

That one meal or day of eating has the power to heal or kill us and all we have to do is get this calories in / calories out equation right.

This is an oppressive, inauthentic, and unsustainable way to occupy and care for a body.

weight is a social justice issue

And It’s killing us

Hypervigilance about food, fitness, weight, and health is harming people in significant and profound ways.

Nobody wins when we see a healthy body only as a thin one.

We cannot heal our relationship with food and body while trying to control the size and shape of our body.

We can heal when we shift our focus to Body Trust.  

We need you

We believe anti-fat bias, body oppression and societal inequities make caring for our bodies difficult. 

We know it is possible to have a better relationship with food and our bodies if we divest from diet culture and return to the Body Trust that is the birthright of each of us. 

We believe you feel the same way because we see your leadership in this area every day. Thank you for agreeing ot amplify this work and meet the urgent need to have a new conversation with people about food, their bodies, their health and well-being. 

We need more people like you who are willing to say “I will no longer participate in this form of oppression.” 

Would you be willing to help us share Reclaiming Body Trust as a tool for those in your community who are ditching toxic diet culture?

THREE ways you can help

  1. Read the book or download the summary
  2. Share the book on social media using the resources below and #reclaimingbodytrust
  3. Invite us to go live on your Instagram to talk about the book
Reclaiming Body Trust book

“I’m on the path, it will take a long time, but I feel like I am just beginning to come home.”

~Body Trust Student


“Healing from the trauma of diet culture, body commodification, and internalized weight stigma requires a reclamation of our body as our home. We must take back that which has been stolen from us: the birthright to a body lived in with presence and delight. This beautiful book shows us how to remove the hooks that have kept us stuck and ashamed. Well done.”

~Amy Pershing LMSW, ACSW, CCTP – Center for Eating Disorders, Founder of The Hungerwise & Bodywise Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Programs, Author of Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery & Beyond


“The seamlessness with which Hilary and Dana work beside one another, weaving together their personal and professional experiences, while centering their audience and the authentic narratives participants bring, is dazzling. That they managed to translate this powerful work into book form is nothing short of miraculous. Offering easy-to-digest unpacking of BS science and cultural values, realistic and grounded examples of rituals and practices for forward motion, and the diverse personal stories of community members, ‘Reclaiming Body Trust’ is like having a pocket-sized body liberation workshop you can carry with you. The reverberations of the impact of this book – and the transformation it offers – will be palpable.”

~Melissa A Fabello, Ph.D. – Author of Appetite: Sex, Touch, & Desire in Women with Anorexia


“Reclaiming Body Trust is a breath of fresh air, an inclusive, self-aware, comprehensive guide out of the endless cycle of shame and body blame. Whether you are new to liberatory work or deep into unraveling your relationship with bigotry and all varieties body terrorism, this book will support you on your healing journey.  

~Dalia Kinsey, RD, LD – Author of Decolonizing Wellness: A QTBIPOC-Centered Guide to Escape the Diet Trap, Heal Your Self-Image, & Achieve Body Liberation


“I’ve/we’ve been waiting for an atlas to guide us into this new era of body liberation and thanks to Hilary and Dana, two well-traveled and conscious guides, we now know it has to start with Body Trust. This book is miles beyond a body image self-help book. At its core, it’s a relationship book offering healing between each of us and our bodies and each of us and systems that oppress or set us free. If you’ve ever wondered why you struggle to trust your body, within these pages is your answer. If you’ve ever wondered how to come home to your body in a world that makes doing so very difficult, within these pages is your map.”

~Rachel W. Cole – Intuitive Eating Counselor & Life Coach


“Hilary and Dana have written a deeply touching and relevant book that throws a light on the injustice created by a culture that demands body perfection, through a lens of anti-fat bias and weight stigma. Throughout the book, the reader will find true body stories from those who have blamed themselves, rather than exacting anger onto this systemic oppression. Offering hope to the reader, the authors have created a healing paradigm for retrieving the body trust they’ve so tragically lost and a path toward a lifetime of inner attunement.”

~Elyse Resch, MS, RDN, CEDS-S, FAND – Author of Intuitive Eating & The Intuitive Eating Workbook and The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens & The Intuitive Eating Journal


“Anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about disruption. And Reclaiming Body Trust is a book that will disrupt your understanding of diet culture and heal all the harm it causes at the same time. This book is a guide, it’s a path, it’s a road map to Body Trust and ultimately a road map to liberation. But it’s also a reckoning with systems of oppression that make us feel unworthy and less than because of our bodies. 
The struggle with our bodies stops today. If you’re ready to tell the truth, grieve for the lies that you’ve been told and move on to deeper and greater love and satisfaction with your body, start here.”

~Desiree Adaway – Principal & Founder of The Adaway Group, Racial Equity Practitioner

“I thought my relationship with food would shift as I became more healthy or spiritual, which it did but it wasn’t a lasting shift. I am discovering a whole inner world that I have spent a lifetime running from and I’m so grateful to be here. It’s new and sometimes very uncomfortable but it’s also joyous and exhilarating.”

~Body Trust Student

Who we are

We are Hilary Kinavey, MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant, MS, RD, the co-founders of Center for Body Trust, a leading voice in the mission to address anti-fat bias and weight stigma and heal body shame.

Since 2005, we’ve been holding space for people looking to let go of chronic patterns of dieting, disordered eating, and weight cycling.

In a culture dominated by weight bias and body oppression, we believe reclaiming Body Trust® is key to feeling psychologically and physically nourished.


We know you get a lot of requests. Thank you for considering this one.

On behalf of those whose body stories, pain and lived experiences have been disregarded and disbelieved and the people who have lost their lives due to systemic and interpersonal weight stigma – thank you for lending your voice.

Shareable Resources

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