April 25, 2018

As a massage therapist for the last 14 years, I’ve taken a lot of continuing education. Most of those seminars gave me very specific tools and methods for helping very specific challenges. Helpful, for sure, but The Embodied Practitioner seminar was different. Rather than providing step by step instructions on how to heal this or fix that, Dana and Hilary thoughtfully pieced together a holistic experience that presented well rounded concepts to explore and opportunities to unearth fresh perspective. In the two and a half days we spent with them, it was obvious just how carefully and thoughtfully they chose the ideas and information that they laid out in front of us. They not only were very purposeful in choosing the physical space at Breitenbush for its calming and healing effects, but their choice to intentionally set a safe space in every other way possible created a powerful and long lasting impact. Dana and Hilary and their well balanced presentation of this seminar gave me what other seminars never have – freedom, permission and perspective. Freedom to explore and decide what is true for me and my body. Permission to let go of having to have the “right answer”. And perspective to understand keeping one’s eyes continually open in awareness is always better than shutting them tightly in fear.

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