May 16, 2018

We have a sacred responsibility and a rare opportunity to help people learn to trust their own bodies and their own inner wisdom. This is the human face of social justice; to support a diverse array of individuals to learn how to deepen their relationship with their own physical selves and to live in a peaceful co-existence with food. The Body Trust Provider Certification Program will help you understand issues at the core of this work, and gain a new competence in helping your clients heal their relationships with food, the body and a world that misrepresents both.
Many of us aren’t even aware of the weight and size biases that we ourselves carry.
And there is very little, if anything, in our traditional training that teaches us the specific skills and techniques we need to work with people in a weight-inclusive way.
We desperately need the reflections and work of curious and compassionate practitioners who have clarity around what’s happening in the culture, and the skills to guide us back towards each person’s inner wisdom.
If you have ever struggled to support a client in your practice, been at a loss for words how to help, and you have wanted a training program to teach you competence in this field in an inclusive and welcoming way, then you will love this program. Hilary and Dana are skilled teachers, with the kind of congruence and integrity that is trustworthy and inspiring.
Doing this brave and necessary work will teach you how to support your clients to belong more fully in their bodies and thus to live more fully in the world.

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