May 16, 2018

Prior to starting the Body Trust provider training, I thought I had healed my relationship to food. I have found new areas of focus for personal development through my studies in the training curriculum, and new language for my experience. Dana and Hilary’s program is providing me a distinctly unique blend of the most up-to-date research and information available to incorporate into a weight-neutral approach to healing the relationship between food and body. Dana and Hilary understand that above all, each and every person already has the capacity for deep healing, and they are providing me with invaluable resources to aid my efforts as a helping professional along the path. The expertise Dana and Hilary have gained over the past 10+ years sets their training program apart from other methods I have encountered; Body Trust is the most comprehensive approach to facilitating deep personal transformation around the relationship between body and food that I have encountered in my 8+ years as a mental health professional.

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